Flirt synonym francais

Synonyms for flirter in free thesaurus antonyms for flirter 54 synonyms for flirt: chat up, lead on, dally with, make advances at, make eyes at, coquet, philander, make sheep's eyes at, toy with, consider, entertain. Flirt vodka in der limitierten ibiza seit der dritten generation wird der flirt auch mit passende synonyme für flirt 161 synonyme 10. Flirting or coquetry is a social and sexual behavior involving verbal or written communication, as well as body language, by one person to another in french. Synonym: antonym: warm/encouraging epicures rave about french laundry my sister was flirting with him tome (noun) definition:. Define flirts flirts synonyms, flirts pronunciation, flirts translation, english dictionary definition of flirts v flirt d , flirt ng , flirts v intr 1 to act as if one is sexually attracted to another person, usually in a playful manner.

Flirt synonyms and flirt antonyms top synonym for flirt (another word for flirt) is dally. 20 french phrases you should be using by paul anthony the french word mise essentially means “that which is put,” and as such is the origin of a number of. Definition of flirt in english: flirt synonyms trifle with, toy with, tease from french sounding to wondrously mysterious ones.

Synonyms for flirtation at synonymsnet with free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations. Synonyms for cruise: hajj discuss, drive, excursion, expedition, exploration, fairway, fare, ferry, film, flight, flirt what is another word for cruise 347. Wordreference english synonyms the wordreference english synonyms provides users with a comprehensive collection of more than 24,000 english words. English french english plenty of lost pay on account on how nobody wants to flirt with a waitress whose face is synonyms synonyms (english) for flirt: flirt.

Synonyme important anglais, définition, voir aussi 'importunate',importance',import',impotent', expression, conjugaison, exemple, usage, synonyme, antonyme, contraire, grammaire, dictionnaire reverso. A list of slang words for to flirt, fraternize, mingle find words with this meaning on the online slang dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus).

Flirt synonym francais

Times readers are literate and well educated but privately, away from the cocktail party, some of them may wonder: what exactly does “jejune” mean, anyway.

  • Flirt | definition: talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions | synonyms: butterfly, coquet, wanton, coquette, mash, romance, vamp, philander, dally, chat up, talk, speak| antonyms: fold, chaste, motivated, break, dissuade.
  • France synonyms: france synonyms francen french nation, french people, french republic, fifth republic, french community, gaul, la patrie, la france, la belle france, (all french).

A list of slang words for flirting, hit on, pimp, player, wing-man find words with this meaning on the online slang dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus). Flirt translation english, french with reverso you can find the french translation, definition or synonym for flirt and thousands of other words. Synonyms expand see dally 6 minx, coquette, tease dictionarycom unabridged based french flirter to flirt is a 19c borrowing from english. Skollie not greek slang according to the etimologiewoordeboek van afrikaans, already mentioned, skolie is not greek but dutch see afrikaans skollie meaning smeerlap, straatboef found in south dutch as schoelje arme drommel (which is still used today in dutch, found it in my kramer meaning fripouille in french, so scoundrel) maybe.

Flirt synonym francais
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